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Leading Solution Provider for IT and Operational Technology Convergence on Sites involving Vehicles, Machineries, Assets and People
Asteroid 360 - The Worlds of IT and Operational Technology Are Converging

The world’s essential industries are standing on a precipice of tremendous change.
These asset-intensive organizations can no longer afford to keep information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) separate because of the convergence of several critical factors.
Historically, IT and OT were maintained and managed separately.
IT was traditionally associated with back-office business systems such as accounting, billing and customer records. OT was traditionally associated with field devices and the systems to monitor and control them such as SCADA and distribution management systems (DMS).

That specialization made lots of sense back then, but it no longer makes the grade. Yet even though change is clearly demanded, many organizations have calcified. Their internal divisions have become so rigid that change is very hard.
Asteroid 360 Middleware allows to achieve the IT/OT convergence and develop solutions to increase amount of highly actionable data from mobile field workers, equipment, and operational processes, to deploy platforms and network connectivity that facilitate the integration and sharing critical data across an organization, and creating significant advances in asset and work management applications built for operational optimization from the ground up.



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