Six must-have construction tech tools
Anti-collision Software SK Solutions, a Dubai-based software firm headed by Severin Kezeu, has developed anti-collision systems in collaboration with technology company SAP to promote construction site safety.
By 30-Apr-15
The SK Asteroid platform solution, incorporated with SAP HANA, produced by SAP Technologies uses sensors on machinery to collect and analyse data, enabling safety and efficiency across the construction site. The 3D system monitors position; movement; weight; inertia; wind speed and direction of construction site equipment such as tower cranes.

All collected information can be viewed on dashboards and mobile devices, while sensors may also be attached to on-site workers for greater insights. Corrective measures can be enabled using auto pilot controls on each machine, thus promoting safety on the site.

“If you were my customer, the system could tell you that you will have a collision on your construction site next Thursday around 4pm based on the information collected from sensors on your machinery, the weather forecast, the supply chain data coming from logistics, the attitude of the crane driver, and the predictive maintenance of the equipment,” Kezeu told Forbes in June 2014.

Kezeu says more than 25% of his company’s projects are based in Dubai, and SK Solutions’ operations are carried
out in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, the UK and the USA.

Watch Kezeu talk about his partnership with SAP Technologies and his work on a project involving 250 cranes in Saudi Arabia:

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