Cisco Doubles Down to Accelerate IoT Adoption with New Application Deployment Options at the Edge and Expanded Fog Computing Portfolio
Since the launch of the IOx platform, it has become the de-facto fog infrastructure to deploy key vertical business models with players such as GE (PredixTM), Itron, OSISoft (PI), Intel and WindRiver, smartFOA in Japan, Tieto in the Nordics, Bitstew, Davra, SK Solutions and Rockwell Automation among others announcing support
By 14-Oct-14
Chicago, IoT World Forum 2014, October 14, 2014 – Today at IoTWF, Cisco outlined an expansion of its fog computing strategy with the second phase of its IOx platform for industrial scale IoT deployments. Cisco outlined increasing industry ecosystem partner momentum and new hardened IoT platform support, and introduced its IOx Application Management Module. As a key part of the Cisco® fog computing strategy, IOx enables third party operating systems such as Linux and industry software applications to run directly on Cisco hardened IoT network platforms, which is critical for IoT solutions where applications, storage and compute needs to reside closer to "Things" such as sensors and devices.

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